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Yoga Touchstone and Yogasutracintamani are available at:


Place your order with us by email indicated below. 

On receipt of your order, we will reply giving you the amount plus packaging and postage and any applicable Canadian taxes.  Any brokerage charges or customs duty are the responsibility of the buyer.  Postal rates vary from $3 to $12 in Canada, therefore for an exact postal rate please contact us supplying your Postal Code.  International postage is, at present $12 to $30 but varies from country to country and can be airmail or surface.



Payment Options

  We are working on alternate means of payment to better serve our customers outside of Canada and will post those options when they become available.
  Prepayment  is accepted by the following methods only.

1.  Orders which are mailed from outside of Canada may include payment in the form of International money order, International draft or certified cheque only. 

2.  Orders can also be paid by doing a bank wire transfer.  This is recommended for international orders but can be quite expensive on small orders.  For details, contact your bank.   

3.  Interac Email Money Transfer can be done within any of the five major banks in Canada.  It is inexpensive and efficient.  See your bank website for details and send to our email address  The fee at most banks is $1.50 to send an Interac Email Money Transfer.  Alternatively, in Canada payment can be made by money order, draft or certified cheque.

4.  Pay by credit card.  Contact us for exact rates for postage and applicable taxes for Canadian customers.  Transaction charges may apply on wholesale orders.